"Opening Doors, Breaking down barriers and building bridges."

We will prepare people for immediate action in the job market, providing career mentoring, indication of vacancies in companies and opportunities to participate in real projects.

The area of technology, there are huge challenges, among them little diversity and inclusion.

In addition to the lack of trained professionals that reaches several companies in Brazil and in the world.

We at Tecnogueto want to socialize and change the current scenario, teaching professions within technology and promoting diversity of gender, race / ethnicity, culture; training excellent professionals.

With Technology

We want to enter disadvantaged communities, often adversely and with a lot of exclusion, which end up presenting a huge waste of talented people with great potential.

We at Tecnogueto will develop a free technology education program to teach people from the age of 16 the most diverse activities desired in the technology market, with real jobs, social-emotional help and direct inclusion in the market.

The classes

They are idealized, planned and thought out and executed by people who know that information needs to be simple, easy, and accessible.

We will strengthen the autonomy of creation, creativity and professional ability together, through classes that convey techniques, condults, teamwork and socio-emotional development.

The contents of the courses have a clear language. Classes are gradually thought out, based on how the students in each class feel, so that each lesson, resume, or other material is really empathetic, easy, and practical.

Images of children playing in a favela


Tecnogueto will prepare people from the age of 16 to act immediately in the job market, providing career mentoring, job vacancies in companies and opportunities to participate in real projects.Tecnogueto will prepare people from the age of 16, and who live to a large extent in peripheries, favelas or poor communities. We look for people who are curious, determined, thirsty for knowledge and ready for new challenges.


These are the people responsible for running the entire project. Know who is making this project happen.

Photo of Rodrigo Ribeiro

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Software developer with professional experience at some of the largest technology companies, such as B2W, Totvs and currently Hurb.com (HotelUrbano.com). He also attended Publicity and Information System. Passionate about learning, teaching, living and respecting everything and everyone. He also has an entrepreneurial career where he has already founded a restaurant and other digital projects. Idealizer of the project Tecnogueto, its mission is to help the maximum of people who, as it has left the Brazilian periphery, to see a new world and new professional and life opportunities.

Photo of Joao Ricardo

Joao Ricardo

João Ricardo Mendes, is the Co-Founder and current CEO of Hurb.com (HotelUrbano.com), one of the largest Brazilian start-ups that sells a Hotel rate every 3 seconds. He has an entrepreneurial trajectory: from the beaks at the academy of the Gracie brothers to the frustrated attempts at an e-commerce operation, he persisted in his purpose and founded, together with his brother, Hurb, which is now Brazil's largest online travel agency.

Photo of Gizele Castro

Gizele Castro

A graduate of the Carmela Dutra Institute of Education, Gizele began teaching English at age 17. He also taught Psychology, which helps to support his classes, with a more humanized look at the teaching process. She is passionate about education, languages and is a fan of Pearl Jam.

Photo of Hugo Falcao

Hugo Falcao

In love with creation and tireless in the quest for the best results. Professional with skills in the Adobe package. Experience as graphic design, merchandising and social media. Extra skills: photography, video recording and editing. Excellent interpersonal relationship, always willing to learn and transmit the knowledge accumulated during those years in the area of communication.

Photo of Bruna Zonis

Bruna Zonis

Psychologist, with systemic training and performance linked to the area of Human Resources, having background in the areas of clinical psychology, school and chemical dependency. It presents passages by companies from small to large, in the segments of tourism, technology, consulting, health and education, encompassing the public and private niches.

Photo of William de Oliveira

William de Oliveira

Software developer, speaker, writer of The Universe of Programming, mentor and blogger, passionate about the web and all its eco-system and open source. I live to bring low-income people and under-represented groups into the software development area. I came from the needy community for the software community of Brazil and the world.


These are the Companies and / or People and they are helping our project in some way so that it can grow every day more.

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Some important sites that wrote about our initiative.

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The course

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